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Photo 1: Natura, Hard Maple, Organik Series

6 ways humidity can affect your hardwood floor

Winter is right around the corner, and with winter comes snow and cold weather that will have you turning up the heat and enjoying nice evenings by the fire. Did you ever think about how these living conditions and changing humidity levels inside your home can affect your beautiful new hardwood floor?

Your hardwood floor is made of… wood! And wood is a natural material that reacts to changes in its environment even after it has been transformed into flooring. Yes, manufacturers have developed different types of hardwood floor constructions to “improve and control” the wood natural reaction to changes in humidity. But keeping humidity at the recommended level is still essential for keeping your hardwood floor looking great, as well as for a healthy home environment.


Proper humidity level for your health

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) lists indoor air quality among its top environmental health threats. There are three key components to healthy air: it must be fresh, clean, and have the proper humidity level.

The ideal relative humidity for your health and comfort is about 40-50%.

During winter: It may need to be between 30-40% to prevent condensation on your windows and other surfaces. Relative humidity settings that are too low may cause respiratory infections, allergic rhinitis and asthma.

– During summer: It can move up to 50-55%. Relative humidity that is too high may have health effects due to mold growth, dust mite infestations, as well as certain bacteria and viruses.

To discover how Lauzon is going the extra mile for your health, by purifying indoor air with our Pure Genius hardwood floors, click here.

Proper humidity level for your hardwood floor

The National Wood Floor Association (NWFA) states that normal relative humidity levels should range between 30%-50% to ensure successful long-term performance of your wood flooring.

As we just saw, however, this range can often be difficult to achieve in certain areas of the country during certain seasons. This is why at Lauzon, we have developed three different types of hardwood flooring constructions allowing you to enjoy the beauty of hardwood floors no matter where you live. 

– Relative humidity levels of 30-80%Expert engineered Lauzon hardwood floors
– Relative humidity levels of 35-65% – Other Lauzon engineered hardwood floors
– Relative humidity levels of 35-55% – Lauzon solid hardwood floors.

As you can see, engineered wood flooring is more stable than solid wood flooring. One of the reasons for this is that the bottom layers are made of cross-sided layers that move on opposite sides. If you are looking for maximum performance during humidity changes, take a look at our Expert ¾ construction, which was developed to meet contractors’ needs.


Your hardwood floor during the dry season

During the winter, when homes are heated and the air is dry, wood flooring loses some of its moisture and contracts or shrinks as a result.

Hardwood flooring dryness problems:

When wood plank shrinks, thin gaps—also called cracks—can appear between planks. In dry months, gaps can easily develop to the thickness of a dime on a typical solid 2¼-inch oak floor. This is normal, and a homeowner should be prepared for it to occur. Once indoor heating is turned off in the spring and humidity levels rise again, most gaps will close up again.

Splits & Checks
When the wood is stressed beyond its limitations, the wood weakens, making your hardwood floor more brittle and increasing the likelihood of damage or splintering. The boards themselves may split, check or crack in the centre or at the ends, or both, along the grain, damaging the finish. This damage is permanent, because your finish is cracked—your wood is no longer protected.

Preventing dryness problems

– Maintain a proper humidity level in your home by using a humidifier during the winter months.
Be aware that wood stoves and electric heat tend to create very dry conditions, so make sure to use your humidifier when these are on.
– If you are a “snowbird” and leave your home unoccupied for weeks at a time, do not turn the heat down too low.


Your hardwood floor during the Humid Season

During warm and humid summers, your hardwood floor will absorb moisture from the air, swelling and expanding as a result. This expansion can create pressure between the boards, which can cause the boards to warp, cup or crack. Both cupping and crowning are natural reactions to moisture and should not be of concern if they occur only to a minor extent. More severe cases, however, indicate a serious moisture problem.

Hardwood floor moisture problems:

When a wood plank cups, its edges are higher than its centre. Once cupping has occurred, it takes a while for the wood to restore its internal moisture and flatten out.
Humidity is usually the culprit, although cupping also can happen after water has been spilled onto the floor and absorbed into the wood. The moisture causes the wood to swell, crushing the boards together and deforming them at the edges. The cause of the moisture must be identified in order to repair the floor. Most often, indoor humidity needs to be controlled. Causes might include a plumbing leak in the basement, which can allow moisture to migrate up into the subfloor and flooring.

Once the cause of the moisture is controlled, cupping can usually be reversed. Oftentimes, the cupping naturally dries out and improves over time. Fans may be needed to speed up the drying process. After the floor has dried, it may be necessary to recoat the floor with finish or to sand and refinish the floor.

Crowning is the opposite of cupping. The middle of the board is higher than the board’s edges. This can occur when the surface of the floor encounters moisture. It most often occurs when a floor has been sanded too soon after cupping. When this happens, the top edges of the board are sanded off and are therefore lower than the rest of the board when returning to a normal moisture content.

Buckling is one of the most extreme reactions to moisture that can occur with hardwood flooring. It happens when the floor expands beyond expansion gaps and literally pulls away from the subfloor, as high as several inches. It’s like walking on a trampoline. Once the humidity drops, the floor may shrink back, but the edges of each board are now crushed and permanently damaged. Once the floor shrinks, you may see gaps between the boards. Fortunately, buckling is uncommon, usually happening only when a floor has been flooded.

When extensive moisture or humidity causes the wood to expand significantly, adjoining boards start pressing against each other. In extreme cases, this increased pressure can cause the affected boards to lose their structural integrity and crack.

Preventing moisture problems:
– Make sure you leave free expansion space around the perimeter of your floor when installed. The gap along each wall is usually equal to the thickness of your plank. For aesthetic purposes, they are usually covered with baseboards.─  Maintain proper humidity levels with an air conditioner, dehumidifier or by turning on your heating system periodically during the summer months.
–  If you go away on a long summer vacation, leave the A/C on.
– Avoid excessive exposure to water from tracking during periods of inclement weather.
– Clean your hardwood floor with a cloth lightly dampened with a recommended hardwood floor cleaning product.
– Choose a good quality engineered hardwood floor that will fit with your needs.

It is important to be aware that none of the damage caused by humidity variations is covered by any hardwood floor warranty. It is your responsibility to make sure you have a stable environment in your home, even when the home is unoccupied.

That is why all homeowners should own a hygrometer to measure the temperature and relative humidity (RH), and be sure to respect the guidelines above.

Always keep in mind that keeping the humidity and temperature level at the recommended level is not only essential for keeping your hardwood floor looking great, but also to provide you with a healthy home environment!


Photo 2:  Beachwood, White Oak, Hamptons Series

Choosing the best kitchen wood floor for your home

With condo living and a desire for hospitable, no-walls concepts growing in popularity, consumer habits are shifting. Open living spaces are multiplying and having open kitchen is becoming the norm. Long gone are the days of formal dining rooms, living rooms and enclosed kitchens à la Mad Men!

Incorporating a dining area with the kitchen and family room to create one large living space continues to trend. One of the biggest dilemmas for these open living space concepts is the choice of flooring. You want to tie all the areas of your home together using one floor choice, making it appear larger and more uniform.

But can you use the hardwood flooring you so deeply fell in love with? Can you dare put hardwood floors in your kitchen? Yes, with the appropriate attention, it can easily be done!

Here are five main things to consider to help you choose the best hardwood floor for your kitchen and maintain it.


The kitchen is a high-traffic area in any home. Nowadays, this is especially true with open living spaces, in which kitchens are used for both eating and socializing. Kitchen islands—a hot commodity right now—are proof of this; they are one of the most popular places in the house to gather around with family and friends.

We all know that floors are meant to be walked on. But one of the fears powered by entry-level hardwood floors is that too much foot traffic can rob your floor of its beauty due to traffic patterns.

This concern can easily be tossed away when you look at premium quality hardwood floors like Lauzon. Why? Thanks to our premium Titanium finish, our hardwood floors are uniquely designed to withstand a high level of traffic over a long period of time. There is therefore no need to worry about traffic patterns; your Lauzon hardwood floor will maintain its lustre for years to come!


If you are like me, you probably drop and spill more things in the kitchen than in any other room in your house. This means that generally speaking, you have a higher rate of wear and tear in your kitchen. You can overcome this fear of visible wear and tear by choosing the right hardwood floor along with some prevention:

 ─  Choosing a hardwood floor with texture 

Adding texture, like Wire Brushed and Hand Scraped, makes hardwood floor harder and a lot more forgiving than its smooth counterparts when it comes to the hazards of everyday life. Learn all about hardwood floor textures.

 ─  Choosing a species with character

With their visible grain pattern, species with character, such as Red Oak or Hickory, camouflage imperfections better than other species. Learn all about hardwood floor styles.

─  Choosing a hardwood species

Harder domestic and exotic species, such as Oak, Hard Maple and Brazilian Cherry, may do better in terms of hardness than softer wood species, such as Fir. These species are more resistant to denting under pressure according on the Janka Hardness Scale. Learn all about hardwood floor hardness and the Janka Scale.

─  Choosing a hardwood floor with a top quality finish

Hardwood floors with a top quality finish offer better durability because the finish will flex with the wood instead of cracking when a heavy item is dropped on the floor. It will not leave a chalky trace if scratched, as is the case with standard Aluminum Oxide finishes. Wear and tear will therefore be less apparent. Learn more about our top quality Titanium finish.

─  Choosing a hardwood floor with a character grade and style

Thanks to its multiple colour variations, wood flooring with a character grade and style will camouflage imperfections better than a classic uniform selection. Learn all about hardwood floor styles.

─  Choosing a hardwood floor with a low sheen

Gaining popularity in recent years, a low sheen is best at enhancing the natural look of the wood while hiding marks, scuffs and scratches. Low sheen hardwood floors usually make excellent options for high-traffic areas and homes with kids and pets. Learn all about hardwood floor sheen.

─  Choosing prevention

Using small mat at strategic places will help protect your hardwood floor from wear and tear. We can never say it enough: your hardwood floor needs proper care and prevention no matter what room you are talking about! For more maintenance tips, check out our guide.

If you want to put all the odds in your favour, check out our Authentik Series or our Urban Loft Series. All of the hardwood floors in these series are consistent with the advice we have just provided.


With about 22 hours a week spent in the kitchen and 98 hours spent at home, finding a healthy flooring solution is one of the smartest choices you can make for the health of your family.

─  Caring for your indoor air quality

Always make sure to look for hardwood floors manufactured without solvents, VOC or formaldehyde. Ask your retailer if it meets the strictest health standards, and whether these claims are certified by credible third-party organizations.

At Lauzon, you can have peace of mind knowing that all our hardwood floors are manufactured responsibly and without the addition of harmful chemicals. All of our hardwood floors are fully compliant with CARB phase 2 – the strictest norm in the industry. Click here to learn more about our healthy hardwood floors.

─  Indoor air purification through your floor

Moreover, with our exclusive Pure Genius air-purifying smart floor, we go beyond the competition by destroying VOC! Pure Genius constantly transforms toxic airborne particles into harmless water and carbon dioxide molecules, making the air in your home up to 85% purer. Discover all the other benefits of our Pure Genius technology here.

─  Choosing an anti-microbial solution

These days, many quality hardwood floor finishes, such as our Titanium finish, also use advanced antimicrobial treatment to prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi—a plus in kitchens!

At Lauzon, our commitment to improving your family’s well-being extends beyond this promise, with our exclusive Pure Genius advanced technology. Pure Genius, our proven antimicrobial finish, decomposes up to 99.6% of bacteria, viruses, and molds. This is reassuring when you use the three-second rule or when you see what babies and toddlers put in their mouths… Click here for an overview of all Pure Genius tests.


Harmonious visual effect is one of the main reasons many consumers are looking at putting hardwood floor in their kitchen and their entire open space. There are two interesting options to consider in this case.

─  Long and large

Larger and longer hardwood floorboards add visual interest to a room and perfectly bring together the open living concept. They make any room in the house look larger, and because fewer boards are needed to cover a given area, there are fewer visible joints, yielding a spectacular, even look.

To unite the open spaces and give the best wood authenticity, our Organik Series now features new board lengths up to 6 feet, with a 5 3/16 width in our NextStep engineered construction.

─  Patterns

On the other hand, if you are more adventurous in your décor choices, you can opt for a combination of patterns, such as herringbone hardwood in the kitchen or dining room and conventional multi-length boards everywhere else. This gives an interesting, trendy look, and you still have the harmonious effect, using the same type of hardwood floor.

Most hardwood floors at Lauzon are offered in both multi-length and herringbone length, so express your creativity! Discover all our Herringbone wood floors here.


Exposure to water is one of the main reasons why some people shy away from hardwood floors in kitchens. Most consumers are concerned with the fact that, during cooking and cleaning, there might be water droplets that fall on the hardwood floor, causing damage.

If not stagnant or in big quantity, water does not damage hardwood floors. A few droplets will not kill your wood floor; just swipe it when you see it.

It is true that cracks in hardwood floor finishes, such as Aluminum Oxide, might allow water to seep in and cause unsightly stains. However, as we saw in point no. 2 above regarding wear and tear, choosing a hardwood floor with a top quality flexible finish, such as Lauzon’s Titanium finish, will prevent it from cracking when a heavy item is dropped on your hardwood floor. It will significantly reduce the chance of this happening.

We encourage you to place a small mat under your sink and the dishwasher so that droplets will land on these mats rather than on your hardwood floor. Plus, these small mats will help protect your hardwood floor from wear and tear. We can never say it enough: your hardwood floor needs proper care and prevention in any room! For more maintenance tips, check out our guide.

You can put hardwood floor throughout the entire house—including the kitchen—without fear. Just follow these simple guidelines.

If you have any questions or concerns about our hardwood floors, please contact one of our specialized retailers. They will be happy to help you make the best decision for your home and family. Because you want your child to move, play and live everywhere in the house!

Take a look at our Kitchen Gallery for more inspiration!


Photo 1: Natural, Hickory, Émira Series – Project:  Campanale Homes

Photo 2: Sabbia, Hickory, Émira Series

Photo 3: Sincero, Red Oak, Authentik Series – Project: Rosewood Show Home

Photo 4: Sabbia, Hickory, Émira Series

Photo 5: Mystic Barn, White Oak, Homestead Series – Project: Stars Lottery Home of Saskatchewan


Does hardwood floor hardness matter?

Interestingly enough, one of the question we get the most from consumers while they shop for their hardwood floor is “Does hardwood floor hardness matter? ”. The perception is that the harder the hardwood floor—or the harder the finish—the better. Is this perception a reality? In today’s post, we will take a closer look at this.

Defining wood hardness

First, let me explain what wood hardness is by answering these 6 questions.

1. What most influences hardwood floor hardness?

The main element that influences hardwood floor hardness is the hardness of the wood species itself. It is important to understand that wood is a natural product—no manufacturer can influence the density or hardness of a wood species. It is inherent and unique to the species of the hardwood you choose.

2. How is wood hardness measured?

Wood species hardness is measured using the Janka Scale. The Janka Scale determines the hardness of a particular species of wood over another. It includes hardwood and softwood. The Janka Scale was invented by Gabriel Janka, an Austrian wood researcher, back in 1906. It was standardized by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) in 1972. The Janka Scale measures the denting and wear resistance of a wood sample. It measures the force required to embed an 11.28-mm (0.444”) steel ball to half its diameter into a wood plank.


3. How do we use the Janka Scale?

The Janka Hardness Scale runs from zero (softest) to 4,000 lbs (hardest). Woods with a low rating on the wood hardness scale are those that will dent and scratch most easily. For example, Balsa wood, which is extremely lightweight and used for crafts, is one of the lowest on the scale at 100 lbs. We definitely wouldn’t want to use it for wood flooring! On the other hand, a higher score indicates that more effort is required to nail or saw the wood.  With a score 3,684 lbs, one of the hardest woods is Ipe (also known as Lapacho or Brazilian Walnut). This wood is often used for decks, furniture and flooring, when durability and high shock resistance are needed. Because it is so hard, Ipe is often predrilled for screws.


4. What is special about Red Oak?

With a rating of 1,290 lbs, strong and resilient Red Oak is the benchmark against which all other wood species are compared on the Janka Scale. Red Oak was chosen as the median standard because it is one of the most readily available hardwoods. Plus, Red Oak makes a great hardwood floor—it’s not so hard that it is difficult to saw and nail, but it’s not so soft that it dents easily. It’s just right!

5. What is a “good” Janka rating?

The Janka Scale does not claim that a given species of wood flooring is better than another. When choosing wood flooring for a home, the Janka Scale rating can only provide buyers with an idea of the wood species’ strength and hardness, for example to support very heavy furniture.

6. What is a “bad” Janka rating?

A rating of 950 lbs or higher on the Janka Scale is the standard for wood flooring options. Therefore, there is no truly “bad” rating when comes the time for you to choose your wood floor, among all the hardwood floors available on the market.

At Lauzon, you can rest assured that all species offered are hard enough to walk on. Moreover, we only offer hardwood flooring; we do not have any softwood, such as Pine, hemlock, fir or cedar.

 Other variables to consider

Now that we all know that the Janka Scale is used as a general guideline when comparing hardness of various species of wood flooring, let’s take a look at some of the other important variables that WILL influence the resistance and hardness of your hardwood floor.

1. Wood provenance

Because the grain of the wood is formed by the annual growth rings of the tree, the location where the wood is harvested can make a difference in its hardness. Growth rings are formed each year—one hard and one soft. The soft ring is formed when the tree makes its rapid growth in spring, and the hard narrow ring is formed during the slow growth in summer. Because these seasons’ climates vary from one region to another, you can understand how this can influence wood harness.

2. Wood grain direction

The wood grains used for the test can affect the results. The grain presented on the Janka Scale is flat—considered normal. But when you compare for example the grain of a flat White Oak to the grain of a quarter sawn White Oak, the latter is the harder of the two because of the wood grain direction.

Click here to learn more about the flecked look created by the quarter sawn technique.

If you are interested in knowing more about the different hardwood floor sawing methods, I encourage you to come back to our blog, as this subject will be discussed later.

3. Texture

Textured hardwood floors help mask the effects of daily traffic, dogs, and life in general. But did you know they are also harder than smooth hardwood floors of the same species? The process used to give texture to your hardwood floor removes a portion of the soft wood grain (spring growth), leaving more hard wood grain (summer growth).

Click here to discover the top 5 hardwood floor textures available on the market!

4. Plank construction

Where do engineered hardwoods stand on the Janka Hardness Scale? They don’t. Why? Because these wood floors have one (or many) layer of softer wood beneath them, hardness cannot be gauged correctly on the scale. This bottom layer giving them their superior performance and stability. We cannot have everything in life! There is little information available on where engineered wood floors fit on the scale due to the variety of materials used to build the flooring layers from one brand to another. This new fact is a clear indicator as to the importance you should give to the hardness of the wood species you choose, compared to all the other attributes.

5. Finish

Hardwood floor finish is one of the most important factors for determining the durability and ease of maintenance of any hardwood floor. In fact, the quality and not necessarily the hardness of the finish determines how well your hardwood floor can withstand traffic and normal wear and tear. Keep in mind, however, that when there is impact with or pressure applied to wood flooring, wood fibres crush, resulting in the appearance of dents. Some wood species do have natural characteristics that camouflage dents better than others, such as Red Oak and White Oak, or textured. This is why we usually recommend our hardwood floors from our Authentik or Urban Loft Series as great choices when people are looking for the best hardwood floors for dogs or busy household.

That said, high quality hardwood floor finishes will have good flexibility instead of being extremely hard. This flexibility allows the finish to absorb heavy impact without cracking by bending with the wood underneath. Cracks in hardwood floor finishes will cause water to seep in and cause unsightly stains.

Lauzon is a top-of-the-line manufacturer of hardwood flooring and as such, we offer the best UV cured finish on the market with our Titanium finish. Lauzon’s Titanium finish offers better durability, because the finish flexes with the wood instead of cracking when a heavy item falls onto it and provides remarkable protection against scuffing and chipping. Furthermore, it will not leave a chalky trace if scratched, as is the case with a standard Aluminum Oxide finish. It also makes your hardwood floor much more resistant to high levels of traffic over a long period of time, maintaining its luster.

6. Maintenance

You can be sure that your hardwood floor will need proper maintenance and prevention to withstand the wear of time. If you don’t take care of it, it doesn’t matter how hard or how soft it is.

Maintenance and prevention are really important to determine how good a hardwood floor will look years after it is installed! Click here to take a look at our maintenance guide for all our tips.

In conclusion, Janka hardness rating is just an indicator of a species’ resistance to indentation under a controlled force and can be used as a general guideline when comparing various species of wood flooring.

When comes the time to choose your hardwood floor, you need to consider ALL the other factors that WILL influence the resistance of your hardwood floor, such as maintenance, texture and finish of your hardwood floor. But most importantly, when comparing high quality hardwood floors, choose your hardwood floor based first and foremost on your taste and preferences in terms of look!

So… Is the perception a reality? Do you still think the harder the better when it comes to hardwood floors?


To find out which Lauzon hardwood floor best suits your needs, please feel free to look at our wide hardwood floor offering or contact one of our specialists at a store near you.


Photo 5: Absolut, Red Oak, Authentik Series


Pay It Forward with Lauzon and Chantal Lacroix

Don’t we all want a better world to live in? A world of goodness and generosity? What if we could change the world, one good deed at a time? That’s the principle the “chain of goodness,” better known as Pay It Forward.

With her television program Donnez au suivant (Pay It Forward), Chantal Lacroix brought this principle to life on Québec’s small screen. It is with great pride that Lauzon recently had the privilege to “pay it forward” within the community of Petite-Nation via this initiative.

Pay it Forward

For those of you who don’t know the show Donnez au suivant with Chantal Lacroix on Canal Vie, here is a brief description.

Donnez au suivant is a television show in which Chantal Lacroix attempts, through moving interviews, to start chains of goodness throughout the province in order to improve the world we live in. How? By helping Quebeckers chosen by Chantal, who in turn will lend a helping hand to others.

Each episode is unique and complete in itself because it begins with a new chain of goodness. Chantal Lacroix helps us discover the world in which each person lives; together, we learn more about their daily lives and we hear their stories. She helps us understand why she wants us to get to know the specific people she has decided to help.

How generous can Quebeckers be towards each other? This is what we’ll find out with Little Jack’s story.

Little Jack’s story

Cynthia and Guillaume were impatiently expecting the arrival of their son… Unfortunately, since birth, Jack’s skin has strangely resembled that of a lizard. At the hospital, they learned that he suffers from Harlequin Ichtyosis, an incurable genetic disease. Jack will never have a normal life. Because it regenerates too quickly, his skin flakes off and needs constant care.

In order to help them, Donnez au suivant took on the mission of transforming their bathroom to integrate a therapeutic bath, making it easier for Jack to get the care he needs.

A bath and so much more!

But wait! Thanks to the project’s volunteer contractor Després Contruction and its contacts, along with little Jack’s extended family and friends, a huge surprise was in store for them. Not only was the bathroom transformed, but many more transformations ensued!

Planchers Lauzon, a socially engaged company

Because Planchers Lauzon is a socially engaged company, it was only natural for us to accept when we were asked to participate in the show and help a family from the Petite-Nation region. Not to mention that, with Pure Genius, the floor we had to offer would go way beyond aesthetics!

Click here to discover some of our previous social involvements.

Pure Genius, an antibacterial floor?

Given little Jack’s health issues, our Pure Genius floor was the perfect solution! The Pure Genius floor by Lauzon is not just an air purifying floor. It also decomposes up to 99.6% of bacteria, viruses and mold, offering little Jack and his family a healthier living space.

The Pure Genius floor has the proven capacity to prevent the growth of certain types of bacteria, pathogens and micro-organisms. These include:

– E. coli (ATCC 8739), which causes gastroenteritis, urinary infections and neonatal meningitis – reduction of 99.65%;
– S. aureus (ATCC 6538P), which spreads various skin diseases such as dermatitis – reduction of 99.63%;
– Klebsiella pneumoniae (ATCC 4352), which causes pneumonia – reduction of 99.7%. 

Click here for more information on all the tests performed by independent laboratories with respect to our Pure Genius technology.

Hardwood floor selection

Once the participation of Lauzon was official, we had to work fast, because the family had been relocated while the work was being done.

We presented our wide range of Pure Genius hardwood floors to Catherine C. Léveillée, the project’s interior designer. She selected the Tunga hardwood floor from the Émira séries. This magnificent hickory hardwood floor, a North American species, fit perfectly with the home’s décor.

Lauzon proudly donated 600 ft2 of hardwood floor, as well as the services of an installer. This allowed the replacement of the worn hardwood floor on the home’s entire first floor.

Watch the show

Want to see how generous people can be with each other and discover Lauzon’s contribution?

Watch the show on Canal Vie this week:

– Monday, May 15 at 7 p.m.
– Thursday, May 18 at 11 a.m. and 5 p.m.
– Friday, May 19 at 8 p.m.
– Saturday, May 20 at 1 p.m.
– Sunday, May 21 at 9 a.m. and 10 p.m.

Lauzon would like to thank its employees who took part in this project and everyone who gets socially involved every day. Thank you for helping us make the world a better place, one good deed at a time…


4 Latest Hardwood Flooring Trends

“Design is a journey of discovery”

As you may have read earlier on our blog, we have just returned from Domotex, Bau, TISE and IDS with exciting news on all the latest hardwood flooring trends and innovations. I’m sure many of you are eager to learn more about what’s hot in 2017 in terms of hardwood flooring trends!

In our February 2016 blog post about hardwood flooring trends, we established that trends are based on the world we live in every day.

Read “Latest 3 Hardwood Flooring Trends to learn more about last year hardwood flooring trends.

In the last few years, the fast pace of technological change has improved our lives immeasurably, but it can feel unsettling. Not surprising, then, that the leading interior design trend is to make our homes islands of comfort, warmth and refined elegance.

It really is breathtaking to track the advances and incursions of technology in our lives. While we enjoy the benefits of improved appliances in our kitchens, family rooms, studies and dens, people are looking to place things in context.

We are reclaiming the idea of “home” as an organic, natural place where we nurture ourselves and our families. That is why for 2017 we are focusing on natural hardwood floors and furnishings that reveal the artisanal craftsmanship of designs that accentuate the grain and texture of the woods we choose.

Latest trendsetting hardwood floors revealed

At TISE (The International Surface Event) in Las Vegas and IDS (Interior Design Show) in Toronto last January, we introduced three colors in our unique, trendy and eco-friendly hardwood flooring series called Organik.

Read “Lauzon returns again to The International Surface Event” to learn more about our experience at TISE.

These new colors—SombraRustica and Minera—play on a palette of earthy brown and grey with a smooth, pearl finish.

Elegant Organik Series hardwood flooring boasts extensive tonal variation for a chameleon effect, becoming lighter or darker depending on the lighting and décor. This completely natural maple hardwood flooring line is like no other flooring on the market thanks to a unique, breakthrough process that unlocks the beauty of maple’s natural grain, knots and mineral streaks.

New Organik floors elevate your décor and well-being to a new level with our Pure Genius® air-purifying smart technology, a first-of-its-kind innovation in hardwood flooring that makes homes healthier. When activated by natural or artificial light and by the movement of air, the flooring breaks down airborne toxins and improves indoor air quality by up to 85%.

Learn more about our Pure Genius by reading our blog post “The smartest hardwood flooring we’ve ever seen“.


Top 4 hardwood flooring trends

Each of the following hardwood flooring trends, arising from a growing desire for calmness, tranquility and well-being, is reflected in our Organik Series hardwood floors.

– Interest in Origins –

Both homeowners and designers tell us they are very concerned about the origin and quality of the materials in their homes. They want their design choices to be respectful of the natural environment.

Our Organik Series is entirely made in our facilities in Quebec, Canada, from trees we carefully select in our forests. In addition to being locally sourced, our floors are produced with our breakthrough eco-friendly process. At Lauzon, green isn’t just a color, it’s part of our value system!

– Hourglass –

We believe that today’s customers aren’t looking back nostalgically but rather wanting to honor the past and pay homage to it in a contemporary design setting.

Our designers have achieved this flow between past, present and future in the Organik Series, allowing homeowners to do the same in their interior décor. Organik floors have integrity. Their natural look and feel convey a sense of origin, substance and history—a sense of the legacy of the forest.

– Open living –

As open kitchens become the norm and condo living and no-wall layouts enjoy increasing popularity, open living spaces are multiplying. Long gone are the days of formal living rooms and enclosed kitchens à la Mad Men.

The neutral chameleon tones of the Organik Series unlock a whole world of décor possibilities, particularly for the family-centric great room, where natural hardwood flooring unifies the kitchen, family and dining rooms into a single welcoming living space.

– All about size –

Bigger is better when it comes to wood planks. Wider and longer boards add visual interest to a room.

To unify open spaces with the authenticity of wood at its best, our Organik Series now features NextStep engineered boards up to 6 feet long and 5 3/16 wide. This new length makes any room in the house look bigger, and because fewer boards are needed to cover a given area, fewer joints are visible, for a spectacular, even look.

Whether used to unify a large space or give definition to more traditional room layouts, our beautiful Organik Series provides a sense of natural continuity and rootedness, creating a holistic center in the place you call “home.”


Photo 5: Sombra, Hard Maple, Organik Series

Photo 6: Rustica, Hard Maple, Organik Series

Lauzon returns again to The International Surface Event

“Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.”

After months of preparation by our entire team, we had the privilege last month of attending The International Surface Event in Las Vegas for the second year in a row.

The mood at the show was upbeat and the first two days seemed busier than ever. Official attendance figures haven’t been released yet, but the show floor was more than 25,000 sq. ft. bigger than in 2016, and there were over 175 new exhibitors in attendance.

Traffic at the Lauzon Flooring booth was right on pace with the rest of the show—i.e., busy! We were also really pleased with the quality and quantity of people we had the chance to meet during TISE. We couldn’t have hoped for a better turnout.


The Lauzon Enchanted Forest

Our Enchanted Forest booth went over so well last year that we decided to revamp it and use it again for the 2017 edition. The Enchanted Forest theme encapsulates our three core pillarsForest, Quality, and Innovation—and was a huge hit again this year.

As our marketing director Nathalie Lambert put it, “At a big event like TISE, your key messages have to be clear at first glance and you have to set yourself apart to draw attendees to your booth.” Based on all the positive comments we received, everybody’s hard work paid off and our booth really stood out again.”


Click here to discover our TISE last year experience.

Putting the forest first

It was important to us as a company to give the forest top billing at our booth. After all, it’s one of the things we’re most proud of. I think our design captured this perfectly; a number of people told us how beautiful and unique our booth was. People were intrigued by the multidimensional trees we created and came inside the booth to see the hardwood flooring on display behind them.

The fact that we control our entire process from forest to floor makes Lauzon a truly unique and reliable hardwood flooring manufacturer. And the fact that we offer a wide range of eco-friendly, zero-VOC, made-in-Canada hardwood floors that are right in line the trend toward responsible consumption shared by consumers, designers, architects, and builders definitely gives us a competitive edge.


On-trend flooring selection

Whether you were enticed by the forest, the trees, or the digital technology used in our booth, once inside, you could explore the full range of stylish yet exclusive looks and textures in our carefully curated hardwood flooring product offering.

You could start by touching the four textures on our natural texture tree (tree on the right in the picture). First came Smooth, a silky texture with a classic allure that highlights the wood grain. From there you could move to the unique new Écho texture, unveiled for the first time at TISE last year. Écho enhances and gives life to the natural grain of the wood, lending our floors a subtle depth. From Écho you could move to the meticulously crafted Hand Scraped texture  and, last but not least, our delicate Wire Brushed texture, which gives wood a subtle warm scuffed look.

Hardwood floor featured: Smooth – Natural, Hickory, Émira Series; Écho – Natural, Beech, Atlantis Series;  Hand Scraped – Honey Moon, Hickory, Homestead Series; Wire Brushed – Exposed Oak, White Oak, Urban Loft Series.

For more details on all our different textures, see our “Top 5 Hardwood Floor Textures” blog post.

– Unique light tone hardwood floorings –

After the textures, you could stroll through the booth to check out our unique light tone wood floorings (from left to right in the picture), from true white Bianco (Hard Maple, Hamptons Series) to our soft Chelsea Cream, a longer, 7.5″ wide trendy White Oak wire-brushed hardwood floor (Urban Loft Series), and our Natural Hard Maple in Squared Edge, which elevates wood floor joinery to new heights of uniformity and alignment. Last but not least in this section was Persia—a magnificent light hickory flooring infused with our air-purifying Pure Genius technology from our Émira Series.

One really nice feature of our booth, was that on the opposite side, the trees were rotating, revealing, on one side, our trendy natural to dark brown hardwood floors, as well as our beautiful range of gray hardwood floors on the other side.

– Trendy natural to dark brown hardwood floors –

Starting our exploration with our natural, brown, down to dark brown (right to left in the picture). Starting with White Oak Quarter Sawn (Hamptons Series), a top designer pick featuring fine, slightly more pronounced and curved lines and a flecked look, you could move to Cerralvo from the Reserva Series, one of my personal favorite Lauzon floor! This white oak floor boasts a unique torrefied look achieved with precise thermal processing techniques that create an exotic caramelized effect. Then comes our shaded Cigarillo (Red Oak, Mémoire Series), which sets light colors into play so beautifully. Move on to Tobacco Brown a hand scraped black walnut with trendy time-worn planks from our Homestead Series, and finish up with NEW and exciting Rustica from our Organik Series. Infused with our air-purifying Pure Genius technology, this stunning hardwood floor reveals beautiful grain, texture and mineral streaks of Hard Maple as never before.

– Beautiful range of gray hardwood floors –

Continuing with our trendy gray wood floors (from left to right in the picture). Starting with Nostalgia, a beautiful wire brushed Red Oak from our Authentik Series, and Sabbia, a classic Hickory hardwood floor (Émira Series)—both featuring our innovative Pure Genius technology—you could move to Travertine (Hard Maple, Line Art Series), featuring an exclusive look inspired by the natural linear motifs found in mineral stratification. After that you could take a look at Minera—another exciting NEW floor unveiled at TISE this year from our Organik Series—featuring our Pure Genius technology and showcasing Hard Maple like never before. And to finish things off, a bit of Drama, another stunning wire-brushed floor with popular Pure Genius technology in our Authentik Series.

– The star of the booth –

Unveiled for the first time at the event, we chose to showcase our NEW and exclusive Sombra as the main hardwood floor in our booth. This stunning multi-tonal organic brown-gray hardwood floor was the perfect choice! According to visitors, it was another highlight of our booth. The hardwood floors in our Organik Series were inspired by and created according to designers’ needs and the latest trends, and they are very popular. Developed by Lauzon, they feature an organic look created through a unique, natural process that reveals the deeply beautiful grain, texture, and mineral streaks of Hard Maple as never before.



For more details on all our different styles, take a look at our “Top 10 Hardwood Flooring Styles” blog post.

Dealers’ Choice Award

This year we again participated in Floor Covering Weekly’s Dealers’ Choice Award with the new Sombra and Rustica hardwood floors from our Organik Series. The new colors play on a palette of brown and grey and offer an array of harmonious parings with furniture, wall and ceiling colors. They also enhance the play of natural light in any room. Both were unveiled for the first time at the show and were among the most popular hardwood floors among booth visitors. 


Pure Genius: Our air-purifying smart floor

Back at the booth, once you’d learned more about our green products and cutting-edge designs, it was time to discover the world’s latest hardwood floor innovation—the air-purifying smart floor we call Pure Genius.

Pure Genius is a revolutionary technology that transforms your hardwood floor into an air purifier by using natural or artificial light. It can make your indoor air up to 85% cleaner and destroy up to 99.6% of bacteria and viruses while you’re drinking your morning coffee or evening glass of wine.

It’s the perfect hardwood floor for families, asthma sufferers, and anyone concerned about all the VOCs we bring into our homes every day.

You could even see a live demonstration of the purifying power of our exclusive Pure Genius technology in our booth. The blue VOC solution would disappear before your eyes within five minutes, proving the effectiveness of the technology.

Pure Genius is based on a light-activated, air-purifying agent made of titanium dioxide, which is integrated into Lauzon’s Titanium floor finish. The light-activated titanium dioxide molecules would transform the blue VOC solution molecules into harmless H2O and CO2, making the blue solution disappear.

This test was a real draw and was really popular with booth visitors, helping them better understand the chemical reaction behind Pure Genius.

We produced this video for those of you who couldn’t attend the show.


Our digital attractions

At Lauzon, innovation is everywhere, in our hardwood floorings and in our use of digital technology—just take a look at the Decozone section of our website, for instance.

To liven things up, share our experience on social media, and attract people to the booth, we decided to include a social wall, where you could see live pictures of the event tagged as #lauzonevent (on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram), as well as pictures from the Lauzon TISE Photo Booth.

Want to see all the Photobooth pictures?! Click here to see our Facebook album!!

Yes, we were the proud sponsor of the TISE Photo Booth, where attendees could goof around having their photo taken, get a picture strip like in the good old days, and share them on social media. 


Getting together with great people

Another great thing about TISE is the opportunity to reconnect with great people we don’t get the chance to see often—including people from the trade magazines, industry associations, and our biggest U.S. distributors, not to mention many of our knowlegable retailers.

Our new Sales & Marketing VP Richard Ayuen was jubilant about the reaction to all our trendy flooring styles and textures. “We were all thrilled with the overwhelming response to our new Organik Series colors and Pure Genius air-purifying technology, as well as the excellent feedback from retailers, distributors, builders and designers, who took the time to seek out our booth at this huge show. Their reactions speak highly to the strength of our brand and the innovative, value-added products our customers expect us to deliver.”

Let me conclude this blog post by saying once again that the awsome teamwork behind this successful event was the perfect way to set the stage for a successful 2017. Thank you all for your hard work!


Want to see more pictures of the show? Click here to visit our Facebook album!



Photo 9: Sombra, Hard Maple, Organik Series


Lauzon on the hunt for the latest trends and innovations

“Interior design starts with the floor” 

January is the busiest time of the year for interior design and hardwood flooring shows, with Domotex in Hannover, TISE in Las Vegas, Bau in Munich and IDS in Toronto.

Staying ahead of trends is important for Lauzon. That’s why our team was on hand at all of these events to hunt out the latest innovations and trends related to everything hardwood flooring!



Während dieser Zeit in Deutschland

BAU is the world’s leading trade fair for architecture, materials and systems. Held every two years, it sets standards and is the industry’s biggest gathering, with a total of 2,120 exhibitors from 45 countries and more than 250,000 visitors. The 2017 edition was held from January 14 to 19 in Munich, Germany.

DOMOTEX 2017 ran from January 14 to 17 in Hannover, Germany. The show, which featured the world’s biggest assortment of carpets and floor coverings, occupied 12 entire exhibition halls. The innovations on display spanned multiple product categories, including machine- and hand-made carpets, textile and resilient floor coverings, parquet, laminate and wood flooring, outdoor flooring solutions, and application and installation technology.

Innovation being the recurrent theme at DOMOTEX, every year there are three special Innovations@DOMOTEX display areas where an independent jury selects outstanding innovation to be showcased. As always, this year’s innovations were very interesting. In a previous blog post showcasing the awards won by our Pure Genius technology, we proudly noted that our revolutionary Pure Genius air-purifying smart hardwood floor was among the innovations featured in 2015 at Innovations@Domotex.

Read “Pure Genius earns kudos from the industry” to learn more about the awards won by Pure Genius.

Lauzon’s trip to Germany, home to 28 of the world’s Global Fortune 500 companies, was a great opportunity to check out hot new trends, innovations and technologies and to see how we could take inspiration from them in our future hardwood flooring offerings. And the team came home with a proud feeling of “mission accomplished!”

“With a wide array of creative ideas, innovative materials and smart solutions on show in 2017, the industry once again demonstrated just how attractive floor coverings can be. The latest trends revealed a strong focus on sustainability and natural-looking designs. There is strong demand for eco-friendly designer products. In the case of wood flooring, “used” and grainy patterns and finishes are in, and the resulting products delight customers in an inexhaustible array of different colors, shapes and formats. Herringbone patterns are also back in vogue.”  Domotex News


Lauzon at TISE

The International Surface Event (TISE) held January 18 to 20 is the largest North American event serving the floorcovering, stone & tile industries. In fact, TISE is comprised of three events: SURFACES, StonExpo/Marmomac, and TileExpo. Together, these world-class tradeshows feature four impressive days of the newest products, hands-on demos, inspiring trends, key manufacturers, industry suppliers, along with unmatched education and networking.  Held annually each year in Las Vegas (USA), TISE brings together buyers and sellers from all over the world to see the latest products, trends, services and technologies.

This year represented our second year in a row as an exhibitor at the show. And like last year, we were delighted with how things went. We couldn’t have hoped for a better turnout.

Read “Lauzon returns again to The International Surface Event” to learn more about our experience at TISE.

“Hardwood trends continue to be dominated by wide, long planks in engineered, with suppliers pushing the lengths and widths. Colors run the gamut from contemporary white washes to classic, traditional hues in timeless styles. And while solid wood flooring has seen slow to little growth, the category remains vibrant as suppliers focus on quality and style in their Surfaces offerings. Meanwhile, engineered hardwoods are taking on more styles and constructions as vendors look to capitalize on changing home décor style.” Floor Covering Weekly


Lauzon at IDS Toronto

IDS Toronto, now in its 20th year, was held from January 18 to 21 in Toronto. It’s Canada’s premier showcase of new products and furniture, superstar designers and avant-garde concepts from Canada.

This year was our first time as an exhibitor at the Interior Design Show in Toronto, and everything went swimmingly. As a member of the QWEB (Quebec Wood Export), we shared floor space with Atelier Organik a handmade furniture manufacturer, and Pur Cachet, an LED lightning manufacturer that uses driftwood and recycled wood. Not only did we connect with these great companies, we also got to meet lots of fascinating people and discover unique designs that make Canada such an interesting place in the design world.

“This year, we’ll see designers and trends that will encompass the expansion of the outdoor living realm to the fusion of tech and design accumulating into an awe inspiring and ultimately exciting year for design,” said Karen Kang, National Director, IDS Canada “Canadian designers seem to have fallen in love with natural, earthy materials — fire, wood, water, clay, greenery — and their synthetic lookalikes.  Nowhere was that clearer than at Toronto’s Interior Design Show, where it was all about bringing the outside in.”


So many trends, so many great projects to come!

In our journey on two continents, we saw so many interesting things that left our heads full of new ideas and our to-do list full of new projects to explore.

So stay tuned to see how we transform and integrate them in our hardwood flooring offerings in the years ahead!


Happy Holidays

“At Christmas, all roads lead home.”

May your holiday season be decorated with love and happiness!

Wishing you, your family, and friends a very Happy Holiday and Happy prosperous New Year.

4 Hardwood Flooring Trends

« Design is about making people happy, either functionally, aesthetically or emotionally. »

With back to school approaching, we see new trends coming out here and there. The focus of home décor is on the interplay of natural grains, colors and textures to create uniquely warm and inviting living spaces. The ultimate goal is to meet consumers’ growing desire to escape the everyday by going back to the basics.

Rather than abating, the trend celebrating the intricate and multifaceted beauty of natural materials in interior décor continues apace. While each species has a unique character, Lauzon’s designers and artisans play with a palette of styles, hues and textures to embellish the essential natural character of the wood itself.

lauzon hardwood flooring trends blog _1

Wherever you want your décor to take you, every hardwood floor opens up a remarkable range of style and design options. There are floors that harken back across the ages and continents to exotic times and places, like those in our Émira and Mémoire series. There are those with a boldly modern feel, like the muted luxury offered by our Hamptons series. Or maybe you’re drawn to the sensory-rich textured flooring infused with depth of our Atlantis series. One thing they all offer is a feeling of warmth and timeless elegance.

That means you can create a completely different ambience in every room of your home inspired by nature’s extraordinary diversity.

The other thoroughly modern and natural aspect of Lauzon Flooring is the fact that all our wood is sourced from sustainably managed forests—a growing trend that reveals a product’s true inner beauty.

Lauzon hardwood floors also take your décor and wellbeing to a new level with our Pure Genius® air-purifying smart technology, a first-of-its-kind innovation in hardwood flooring for a healthier home. Activated by natural or artificial light and air circulation, the flooring breaks down airborne toxins and improves indoor air quality by up to 85 percent.lauzon hardwood flooring trends blog _2

Top 4 Trends in Hardwood Flooring

Smoked Neutrals

Midway through the decade, designers are moving away from overusing stainless steel, chrome and brass in favor of the smooth natural elegance of smoked woods. A soft palette of grey, taupe, white and cream tones offers a lovingly lived-in look and a subtly rich texture that changes with the light. We’re very proud of our new series, Hamptons, which epitomizes this trend and echoes the elegant, breezy homes of Cape Cod and Long Island. Smoked neutrals also work perfectly with our new decidedly downtown Greystone color in our Urban Loft series. 

lauzon hardwood flooring trends blog _3

Au Naturel

For many years we have been following the return to natural tones, a trend that continues unabated. With “Au naturel” you find the raw beauty of wood in all of its finishes. What catches the eye is the intricacy of the grain. Nature’s patterns are revealed to soften any décor. In our new Atlantis series, discover the pristine yet ever-changing beauty of a windswept sandy beach. The new Émira series reveals the beauty of the Maghreb and the oases of the Sahara and is the perfect flooring for a warm, casual, yet lush living space. Some flooring in the Hamptons series is also available in Au Naturel. Isn’t that the appeal of a seaside resort—an invitation to reconnect with the natural world?lauzon hardwood flooring trends blog _4

Rich Vintage

Part of the contemporary scene is built on a healthy reverence for the past. Rich Vintage evokes ancestral grandeur as easily as it does the simplicity of the homestead. Not surprisingly, rugged and warm browns dominate here, from deeply hewn to honey golden. While our Homestead series celebrates this trend with its Hand Scraped texture and majestic brown tone, the new Mémoire series is not to be overlooked. This series is marked by a multi-tonal play of light that would feel right at home in a baronial manor.

lauzon hardwood flooring trends blog _5


Who said flooring has to stay in the lines? Intricate patterned wood floor installations were the hallmark of wealth and status back in the day because it meant you could afford the artisans. With our state-of-the-art technologies, you can create easy-to-install elegantly patterned hardwood flooring in our Émira and International series, among others. Choose a vintage design or one with a modern edge. You can create a truly original space that plays with grain, line, light and texture.

lauzon hardwood flooring trends blog _6

At first you may be overwhelmed by how varied our hardwood flooring is in terms of style, color and texture. But then you see the world of design possibilities open to you for creating a beautiful, healthy and eco-friendly living space.

Read “Top 10 Hardwood Flooring Style to learn more about hardwood flooring styles.

Whether you choose the Designer or Ambiance collection, you’ll find the perfect wood to add the finishing touch to your floors or walls, or both.


Photo 3: Natural, White Oak, Hamptons Series



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